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RVM Voice Mail Telemarketing Drops

  • No-Ring Cellphone Broadcasting
  • Voice Broadcasting Platform
  • Polling and Surveys
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Set Up In Minutes
  • Hosted In The Cloud

Mobile/Cellphone Voicemail Drops

Mobile Cellphone Voice Mail Drops RVM Telemarketing

  • Cellphone does not ring
  • Cellphone owner is not billed
  • A phone call is never made
  • Message dropped into voicemail
  • 100% FCC compliant and legal
  • Message dropped on the back end

The Most Effective Marketing Today

Mobile Cellphone Voice Mail Drops RVM Telemarketing

This is the most cost-effective marketing available today.

This technology was developed by Costco Corp to stay in touch with their members.

Perfect for clubs, organizations, non profits, businesses, etc.

Mobile Cellphone Voice Mail Drops RVM Telemarketing
Mobile Cellphone Voice Mail Drops RVM Telemarketing
Mobile Cellphone Voice Mail Drops RVM Telemarketing
Mobile Cellphone Voice Mail Drops RVM Telemarketing

Ringless Voicemail Message Drops

The ringless voicemail drops is a new innovative way that will enable you to reach all your potential and old customers. It is the safest, most responsible and most effective way to reach all mobile subscribers. It is also a fast and low cost way to alert customers and prospects about special events, news and promotions.

How does the ringless voicemail work?

The idea is to simply drop the messages into the recipient’s voice mail without ever ringing their phone. There more than 382 million mobile phones in the US, making mobile owners a very important demographic that must be targeted for the success of any business. The ringless voicemail is a powerful way to engage prospects, to create curiosity about the business and to provoke customers to seek more information. Calling customers to promote your services might not be the best idea because you might disturb them or call at a bad time. Sometimes, you might be faced by a bad response from your potential customers. But when you drop a voicemail message, you enable the customer to check it whenever they are free to do so.

The results are immediate and are very impressive:

  • Everybody has a voicemail and 96% of people will check their voicemail before deleting. The ringless voicemail will have more response rate than emailing where most people will delete a promotional email without ever reading it.
  • It is perfect for targeted marketing. You can create different messages for new and returning customers. You can also design messages for different areas.
  • More reliable contact because people use and check their phones more than they check their emails. Also people are less likely to change their phone numbers.
  • It is a way of contacting your customers in a more personal way. There is nothing more personal than contacting customers in your own voice.
  • The message gets directly to the voicemail without ever ringing the phone and this means that it is not intrusive and will not disturb your customers.
  • The ability to increase your response rate by more than 80%. When people see a voicemail they just feel the need to check it. It takes a few seconds to build that rapport with your potential and current customers and the ringless voicemail helps you to do that.
  • The rates are as little as 3 cents per call drop and there are no charges for attempted drops. You will only pay for the drops that actually reach the customers. And the length is unlimited. Your message can be as long as you need it to be, but it is recommended to keep it short and to the point.
  • This is a landline to landline session and this means that a successful system has been established to deliver the message.
  • You will have live phone support 24/7 to ensure that everything works according to your plan.

What can I use ringless voicemail for?

You can successfully use ringless voicemail for:

  • Announcing special deals, discounts and promotions offered by your company to new and old customers.
  • Upcoming events or products.
  • New opportunities.

In what other ways can the ringless voicemail help my business?

  • You can successfully increase the success of your webinars by sending reminders that will allow more people to get engaged and involved.
  • You can retain customers by sending customer appreciation messages that will make your current customers feel special and remembered. This will create brand loyalty and will encourage them to refer your business or brand to more customers.
  • Better marketing results by following up on direct email or mail campaign.
  • Spread timely or critical information to hundreds of thousands of users effectively on a short notice.
  • You can either record the message or ask a professional at the several service providing companies to help you with recording the most appropriate and efficient message. The messages will be sent out on a timely manner to give you the chance to set up a quality time for call backs.
  • Most of the companies will even have a trained staff who will respond to the call backs according to a predetermined script that you provide. The highly qualified staff will answer inquiries in a professional friendly way. They will gather information, answer questions and schedule further appointments for follow up and consultation. All this valuable information will be sent to you so that you can respond to these inquiries at your own convenience.
  • This service is an enhanced information service that has not been regulated by the FCC. This service is 100% FCC, TCPA and CRTC compliant.

The ringless voicemail is the future of reaching your customers in a convenient and cheap way. You will get the chance to deliver your message without ever disturbing your customers, so that you establish a positive rapport with them. The results are amazing.

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