Mobile Cellphone Voice Mail Drops RVM Telemarketing
Mobile Cellphone Voice Mail Drops RVM Telemarketing
Mobile Cellphone Voice Mail Drops RVM Telemarketing
Mobile Cellphone Voice Mail Drops RVM Telemarketing

Ringless Voicemail Drops Deliver Results Now

Ringless voicemail drops are an innovative way to reach potential and existing customers. RVM is a fast and low cost way to alert customers and prospects about special events, news and promotions. Additionally, the generated reports provide key insights to your marketing tactics that can be used to improve your ROI. With over 382 million mobile phones in the US, the chances are high that we will be able to fill your days with incoming buyers.

How it works…

The RVM service calls each number twice and quickly hangs up the first call after the second gets transferred to voicemail. Simply, it places your personal message in the person’s voicemail inbox without ringing the phone. Many times a phone user will see a notification and call right back. The great benefit with RVM is that your contacts will listen and interact with your message at THEIR most convenient time. Thus, the “interruption” part of telemarketing is all but eliminated because people only hear your message when they WANT to hear your message.

The rates are as little as 1 cent per call drop and there are no charges for attempted drops. You will only pay for the drops that actually reach the customers. Message length is unlimited. Your message can be as long as you need it to be.However, it is recommended to keep it short and to the point.

The results are immediate…

  • Everybody has a voicemail and 96% of people will check their voicemail before deleting
  • Ringless voicemail has a better response rate than email┬ábecause people will delete a promotional email without ever reading it
  • It is perfect for targeted marketing. You can create different messages for new and returning customers. You can also design messages for different areas.
  • More reliable contact because people use and check their phones more than they check their emails
  • Build better relationships by contacting customers in your own voice
  • You will have live phone support 24/7 to ensure that everything works according to your plan

What can I use ringless voicemail for?

  • Announce special deals, discounts and promotions offered by your company to new and existing customers
  • Alerts for upcoming events or products
  • Increase the success of your webinars by sending reminders to get more people engaged and involved
  • Retain customers by sending customer appreciation messages that will make your current customers feel special and remembered
  • Create brand loyalty and advocacy among current customers
  • Better marketing results by following up on direct email or mail campaign.
  • Spread timely or critical information to hundreds of thousands of users effectively on a short notice.
  • Record the message yourself or have it done by a professional

The ringless voicemail is the future of reaching your customers in a convenient and cost-effective way. You will get the chance to deliver your message without ever disturbing your customers, so that you establish a positive rapport with them. The results are amazing.

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All In One Platform

RVM Voice Mail Telemarketing Drops

  • No-Ring Cellphone Broadcasting
  • Set Up In Minutes
  • Hosted In The Cloud
  • Performance Reports Included
  • Data (contact list) Included

Get Your List

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Keep Your List

Mobile Cellphone Voice Mail Drops RVM Telemarketing

  • Take Your Contacts With You
  • Great for Re-Marketing and Follow-ups
  • Create Multi-Channel Campaign
  • Integrate with your CRM
  • Enhance with Insightful Analytics
  • One Time Cost to Own List Outright